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Welcome to the Purple Kitty websites! My name is Debi and providing public domain content has become a bit of a passion for me. I have created several websites dedicated solely to that mission (such as Free Vintage Crochet Patterns, Free Vintage Knitting Patterns, & Our Soaring Eagle Classic Literature).

Purple Kitty is not a large corporation. It's just me...and a little help from my family. :P

Need to contact me? You can reach me on Facebook or Twitter - follow Purple Kitty and join in the conversation there! I try to answer all inquiries within a couple of days, but sometimes I get a little backed up because my first priority is getting new patterns published as often as possible.

When you purchase an eBook or bundle, you will be able to immediately download your purchase by returning to the Purple Kitty website as soon as your Paypal payment is processed.

Step One: Your Paypal payment will be processed to pay for your purchase. Your receipt will look like this.

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Step Two: When you return to the Purple Kitty website, you will see a summary of your purchases made. Click on the link to enter your Purple Kitty account and access your member area where all of your purchases will be available.

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Step Three: Once you have accessed your member area, your subscriptions will all be available as downloadable links in your purchase summary. These links never expire and you can download them as often as you want.

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Step Four: You will receive two emails to confirm your purchase, one from Paypal, one from Purple Kitty. If you do not receive your emails, check your SPAM folder. Oftentimes, your email provider will automatically filter in-coming emails and sometimes will incorrectly flag them as SPAM, never delivering them to your in-box.

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Step Five: The email you receive from Purple Kitty will have a link to login to your Purple Kitty account member area. This link will never expire and you can use this link to login at any time, from any device.

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Have you found an error or ommission with a pattern? Please on Facebook to let me know. I'll be happy to check it out and make any necessary corrections.

Please Note: I am unable to help with specific pattern questions. These patterns were designed over half a century ago and originally published by other companies. I have not personally made every item. I am just reproducing these patterns based on the original pattern for your use and enjoyment. If you need additional help with patterns, check out a craft community, such as Ravelry.com, where there are experienced crocheters, knitters and other crafters who are very willing to help with specific crafting questions.

Please browse around and check out what's recently been added. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates and bookmark us to visit us again. I add new stuff pretty much every day!


Do you have vintage leaflets and pattern books (pre-1965) that are looking for a new home? Donate and you'll receive a surprise thank you gift! The address for mailing is:

Purple Kitty LLC
172 Ellen St
Oswego, NY 13126

PLEASE NOTE: I typically go through packages on a quarterly basis, so it may take a month or several before you receive your free gift. This delay is because my first priority is getting new patterns published every single day and with only me working on this endeavor, well, there are only so many hours in a day. I apologize for any delayed response in advance!


All patterns and information published on the websites owned by Purple Kitty LLC is either unique content we have written ourselves, has had its copyright expire causing it to pass into the public domain, or permission to reprint was obtained from the copyright holder. If you are a copyright holder and find content published on any of our websites that you believe you hold the copyright for, please contact us with the details at the address above. We make every attempt to ensure that we do not violate copyright law when we add content to our websites, including a search of the Copyright Catalog for any potential copyright renewals.


If you have a website, feel free to link to us! Add a link on your website to one of our free pattern sites & give your visitors one click access.

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