Knit Afghan Patterns

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Knit Afghans

icelandic afghan pattern
reverie afghan pattern
rose garden afghan pattern
maricopa afghan pattern
tribal afghan pattern
cables 'n tweed
striped daisy stitch
easy knit zigzag afghan
falling leaves afghan
sierra vista afghan pattern
bulky aran
knit blanket
knit ripple afghan
block afghan pattern
sampler afghan

An afghan is a blanket or shawl that is knitted or crocheted from yarn or thread. Afghans of various sizes are typically draped over sofas or large chairs for decoration. They're also great to use for napping and warmth! Afghan blankets are normally homemade and used as gift items. Aside from the traditional, one-piece afghan, there are other types of fun to make and popular afghan patterns.

We hope you find this selection of free afghan patterns helpful. Some of these afghan patterns may have been discontinued by Coats & Clark and may no longer be available in hard copy format. Knitting yarn or crochet thread used with original afghan pattern may be a discontinued yarn or thread. Acceptable substitutes would include any other Coats & Clark yarn or thread of the same weight and/or size.

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