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A sock is a piece of clothing worn round the foot. The foot is one of the heaviest producers of sweat within your body. Therefore, socks help absorb this sweat. In cold weather, socks also decrease the risk of frostbite. The word 'sock' originates from the loose-fitting slipper, called a soccus in Latin, which was worn by Roman comic stars.

Socks have evolved over the centuries from when the earliest models were being made from animal skins that were tied across the ankles. In the eighth century BC, the Ancient Greeks made socks from matted animal hair. The Romans also wrapped their feet with leather or woven materials. By 1000 AD, socks increased being synonymous with wealth among the nobility.

With the invention of a knitting machine in 1589, socks could be knitted six times faster by machine than by hand using sock patterns. Nevertheless, knitting machines and hand knitters have continued to work side by side.

Sock Patterns

ladies ankle socks
self-striping knit socks
colorful knit kids socks
colorful crochet socks

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