Free Paper Dolls

In 1931, The Spool Cotton Company put out six clever little animals in the Spool Zoo for kids to make animals using the old wooden spools. 

Jim Fox Spool Zoo
Teddy Bear Spool Zoo
Zebra Spool Zoo
Lion Spool Zoo
Elephant Spool Zoo
Old Hippo Spool Zoo


I remember there was a time when I was very young that I enjoyed playing with paper dolls alongside my sisters. We played with them constantly, and they were all the rage back then, if not as popular as when my mom was a young girl. With lots of accessories to pick from, there was no end of enjoyment for my sisters and I as we traded dolls, clothes and accessories to see what the changes looked like. Sadly, I believe the art of paper dolls has faded away, as I don't see them around as much as when I was younger, but as I come across them, I will definitely share them as my mother had done for me.

I know by instinct that any little girl will absolutely find complete enjoyment when she starts to play with paper dolls, at least as much as, if not more, than I had. There isn't a single toy nowadays that doesn't require batteries (not included of course), but back when I was young toys were simple. We need more of that today. I am drawn to the toys that gave me joy and pleasure during the long days of my childhood, perhaps, or maybe because the cost of batteries that need replacing is just getting to me. It might be difficult for to keep a paper doll collection neat and intact, but there is something to be said about learning to be responsible from a very early age.

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Paper dolls are quiet, and at times my mom needed the house to be just that. I know that children can't be quiet all the time, but parents do need their down time to recharge their personal batteries. My paper dolls helped me to also recharge my personal batteries and to give myself the same peace and calm that my mother had. This could be the reason she went out and bought me so many of them. It might have been one of those wise parent's trick that we just didn't know about back then.

An alternative to trying to find a paper doll set for your children could be to just make your own. If you are the one making those paper dolls for them, be certain you glue your paper with a cardboard backing to make them strong. You don't need to do that with the clothing and accessories, but be prepared to replace them, as paper is easily torn. It is best to just have a ready-made supply of clothes and accessories handy for when they are needed.