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What bow cannot be tied? See answer

Rainbow. Hide

Why is there not a minute we can call our own? See answer

Because the minutes are not (h)ours. Hide

When are roads unpleasant? See answer

When they are crossroads. Hide

What pets do people stand on? See answer

Carpets. Hide

When do 2 and 2 make more than 4? See answer

When they make 22. Hide

What color is grass when it's covered with snow? See answer

It's still green. Hide

When can you carry water in a sieve without spilling it? See answer

When it is frozen. Hide

What berry is the most peculiar of all fruits? See answer

The blackberry, because it's red when it's green. Hide

What is the easiest time to study a book of nature? See answer

When autumn turns the leaves. Hide

If I were in the sun and you were out of it, what would it become? See answer

Sin. Hide

Why does a watermelon contain so much water? See answer

Because it's planted in the spring. Hide

What herb that grows in the garden is a place where money is made? See answer

Mint. Hide

Which part of a tree is noisy? See answer

The bark. Hide

When is a fruit tree not alone? See answer

When it grows a pear (pair). Hide

Why is a plam tree the most popular of all trees? See answer

It's the only one that can have dates. Hide

When are trees ready to move? See answer

When they have big trunks. Hide

What trees are the most bashful? See answer

Those that turn red when Jack Frost comes. Hide

What tree commands the most respect from its fellows? See answer

The elder. Hide

What tree is left behind after a fire? See answer

Ash. Hide

What tree is neat? See answer

Spruce. Hide

When can you win a race with a clock? See answer

When the clock is slow. Hide

Who are the clock's worst enemies? See answer

Those who kill time. Hide

Which relative stands by the stairs? See answer

Grandfather Clock. Hide

When is a clock at the foot of the stairs? See answer

When it has run down. Hide

Why are clock makers slow workers? See answer

They have all the time in the world. Hide

Why did the clothes chute? See answer

Because the clock struck. Hide

What kind of vehicle is most suited to an actor? See answer

A stagecoach. Hide

What has feet and legs and nothing else? See answer

Stockings. Hide

What can a farmer grow without any trouble? See answer

Old. Hide

What is it we often return but never borrow? See answer

Thanks. Hide

What kind of ember may be found in the ashes of autumn leaf fires? See answer

November. Hide

What goes up the hill and down the hill, yet it stands forever still? See answer

A road. Hide

What can go through water without getting wet? See answer

Sunlight. Hide

What color would you turn if you were suddenly pinched? See answer

It would make you yell "Oh!" Hide

How do we know that three came off the ark before Noah? See answer

Because we are told he came forth. Hide

What swimmer could jump in the water and not get his hair wet? See answer

A bald-headed man. Hide

Which is better "The house burned down" or the "The house burned up"? See answer

Either one is bad. Hide

Why did the lady sit still when she dropped her teaspoon? See answer

Because she wasn't able to stir. Hide

What is it a child can make that no one can ever see? See answer

Noise. Hide

What did one wall say to the other wall? See answer

I'll meet you at the corner. Hide

What things fall but never get hurt? See answer

Rain and snow. Hide

I went to the woods and got it; I sat down to look for it; I brought it home because I couldn't find it. What was it? See answer

A thorn in my finger. Hide

What is the most striking thing in the way of mantel ornaments? See answer

A clock. Hide

What area contains more feet in winter than in summer? See answer

A skating rink. Hide

What is that from which you may take away the whole and still have some left? See answer

The word wholesome. Hide

What is it which has neither flesh nor bone, but has four fingers and a thumb? See answer

A glove. Hide

On what toe does a corn never come? See answer

The mistletoe. Hide

What are the embers of a dying year? See answer

November and December. Hide

Why does an Indian wear feathers? See answer

To keep his wigwam. Hide

What did the piece of wood say to the brace and bit? See answer

You bore me. Hide

What uses a pen but cannot write? See answer

A pig. Hide

Seven is an odd number; how can it be made even? See answer

Take away the 's'. Hide

If the king rides on gold, who rides on silver? See answer

The Lone Ranger. Hide

What word can be pronounced quicker by adding a syllable to it? See answer

Quick. Hide

If your uncle's sister is not your aunt, what relation is she to you? See answer

Your mother. Hide

Who ate the most amazing of all meals? See answer

The man who bolted a door. Hide

What kind of ears does an engine have? See answer

Engineers. Hide

What is most useful when it is used up? See answer

An umbrella. Hide

Who is the man that always finds things dull? See answer

The scissors grinder. Hide

What table has no legs? See answer

Timetable. Hide

How does a sailor know there's a man in the moon? See answer

Because he went to sea. Hide

Why should a trolley passenger always carry a lunch? See answer

So he would have carfare. Hide

Where should a dressmaker build her house? See answer

On the outskirts of the city. Hide

Why does the ocean get cranky? See answer

Because so many people cross it. Hide

What has twenty heads and still can't think? See answer

A book of matches. Hide

My first is almost all, so is my second, and also my whole. What word am I? See answer

Also. Hide

In what language should the last chapter of a book be written? See answer

Finnish. Hide

What men shave twenty times a day? See answer

Barbers. Hide

A slender body, a tiny eye; no matter what happens, I never cry. Who am I? See answer

A needle. Hide

When is a baby not a baby? See answer

When it's a little cross. Hide

What is something that we can all swallow and it can also swallow us? See answer

Water. Hide