Knitting Yarn

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Knitting yarn is made by twisting together threads of different counts, colors and materials at regular or irregular tensions, and in the same or opposite directions. knitting yarnMany different effects can be made into the knitting yarn with these different variables. Quality yarn is made first by spinning the fiber into a single-ply yarn. Then two ends of the single plies are twisted together into a 2-ply yarn. Twisting the single plies of the yarn together makes it more stable.

In order to knit quality items, you should always use knitting yarn that is at least 2-ply. Knitting a single-ply yarn would cause the garment to twist and torque.

While there are patterns that call to use multiple plies of 2-ply yarns to get a 6-ply, 8-ply or 10-ply, quality isn't typically improved by doing so. The use of multiple plies makes your finished product heavier and more expensive.

In order to spin a good yarn, it is necessary that the sliver from the card should be delivered to you in a proper condition. If it is not received in a good, smooth, uniform size, chances are that it will be useless to make a decent thread.

Anyone, with a little practice, could learn to spin knitting yarn since it is one of the simplest types of yarn to create. Greater difficulty is found when trying to make yarn of finer counts.