Gallery of Afghans in Nantuk 4-Ply | Columbia Minerva Book 688

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st(s)-stitch( es)
St st-Stockinette stitch
sc-single crochet
hdc-half double crochet
dc-double crochet
tr-treble crochet
in.(s.) or "-inch(es)
rep-repeat beg-begin(ning)
rem- remaining
yo-yarn over

* or † - The instructions immediately following * or †, or within ** or †† are to be repeated the number of times given in addition to the original.

[ ] - The instructions with [ ] are to be repeated the total number given after [ ].

sl st-slip stitch: In crochet-to join new yarn, insert hook where indicated, draw a loop of yarn through to side facing and proceed as instructed; within piece, having loop from last stitch on hook insert hook where indicated, draw a loop of yarn through to side facing and through loop on hook. In knitting-slip stitch(es) from one needle to another without working; always slip stitch(es) as to purl unless working a decrease (as in SKP), then slip stitch(es) as to knit.

SKP-slip, knit and pass: Slip 1 stitch as to knit, knit 1 stitch, then pass the slip stitch over the knit stitch.
PSSO- Pass slipped st over.
work even-Work on the same number of stitches, following the pattern which has been established.

Patterns © 1983 by Columbia-Minerva. I found information identifying that Columbia-Minerva had been purchased by McBess Industries, Inc. I am unable to locate current information for McBess Industries, formerly located in Bessemer City, NC, or identify the current copyright holder. If you believe that you are the current copyright holder for this leaflet, please contact me.