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Making a sampler quilt is a great way to learn or practice different piecing and quilting techniques. A handy guide has a variety of quilt blocks especially chosen to teach you different piecing techniques.

Quilting Patterns Fast Facts

Now you can enjoy the beauty of patchwork throughout the year! In many timeless treasuries, you'll find quilted wall hangings, one for each month, featuring classic patterns of yesteryear along with delightful contemporary classics.

Choose from many quilting patterns and transform novelty prints and colorful scraps into the most fantastic, bright, and playful small quilts ever created! Choose from a picturesque wall hanging, a delightful tabletop centerpiece, and more.

Make outstanding afghans, featuring blossoms, buttons, and beautiful ruffles. Some use old-fashioned quilt patterns, and others are designed to celebrate special happenings throughout the year.

Did You Know?

North America's strong quilting traditions undoubtedly crossed the ocean with the first immigrants: quilted garments and bedding appear in the crafts of many countries, including Holland, France, Italy, and England.

Only the wealthy could then afford the elaborately block-printed and hand-painted fabrics and the palampores, or Tree of Life coverlets, shipped by sailing vessels from India.

The 1970s marked a quilt revival, thanks in part to the nostalgic interest in crafts generated by the American Bicentennial.

By the 1980s timesaving tools and techniques, especially the rotary cutter and strip piecing, began changing quilting.

American quilts are collected and copied worldwide as folk art and textile art.