Afghan Collection | Columbia Minerva | Book 783



A gallery of works of art around which you can build a room — create a mood — fulfill an artistic urge …

Our Collection includes period pieces for traditional backgrounds — modern designs for contemporary decor — afghans inspired by Mediterannean influences — by the new wave of Pan-Americana — and — by opulent Oriental and Mid-Eastern motifs … The beauties of nature are reflected in embroidery.

Every craft for the needlewoman finds expression in Columbia-Minerva's Afghan Collection …


Each Columbia-Minerva Instruction gives a Gauge or Scale of the number of stitches to the inch when using the yarn and needles called for. If you work tighter than average, change to larger needles; if you work looser, change to smaller needles, to acquire the same number of stitches to the inch called for in the instructions.

Asterisks (*-**):
Star symbols indicate that work following them is to be repeated. When instructions call for repeating a given number of times, it is understood that this is in addition to the original. Thus, repeat 5 times more means 6 times in all.

Stockinette Stitch:
K 1 row, P 1 row alternately. On Circular or Sock Needles knit continuously.

Fringe — Single Knot:
Fold strands of yarn in half. Draw the folded end through stitch at edge of Afghan from right to wrong side of work, then draw the loose ends through the loop and tighten.

Place strands of yarn out straight. With a separate strand of yarn tie around center of group, leaving a few inches for attaching to Afghan. Fold yarn in half. With another strand, wind yarn tightly around group several times about 1 inch below fold, forming "Head." Fasten securely. Tie Tassel to Afghan.

Patterns © 1974 by Columbia-Minerva. I found information identifying that Columbia-Minerva had been purchased by McBess Industries, Inc. I am unable to locate current information for McBess Industries, formerly located in Bessemer City, NC, or identify the current copyright holder. If you believe that you are the current copyright holder for this leaflet, please contact me.