Zinnia Flower Pattern

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Materials Needed
1 Package seed beads — any color desired —flower (¾ oz. package)
1 Package seed beads — brown — pep or center (¾ oz. package)
1 Package seed beads — green — leaves (¾ oz. package)
2 Spools #30 gauge bead wire
1 Bunch #18 gauge bare stem wire
1 Roll Florist tape — green

STEP ONE — Center

String 35 brown beads on wire. Slip 7 beads to within 3" of end of wire. Make a loop as shown in General Instructions. Do not cut wire. Make a second loop of 12 beads and form this loop around the first loop. Let the center 6 beads stick up a little.

Make a third loop of 16 beads and wrap around previ­ous loops, forming a half ball for center pep. Figure 1

STEP TWO — First row of petals

String 10½” of beads on a continuous wire. To make first petal, slip 12 beads to within 3" from the end of the wire. This 3" gives you something to hold onto. Make a loop of the 12 beads as shown in General Instructions. Make a second loop around the first loop using 20 beads. Secure. Do not cut or break wire. Figure 2

Make 4 more petals. Have petals touching each other or slightly overlapping. Secure this row to center by wrap­ping wire around and around.

STEP THREE — Second row of Petals

This is a three loop petal. String 64 beads on wire. Use 12 beads for first loop, 20 beads for second loop and 32 beads for third loop, Figure 3.

Make 5 more petals the same. You may make them on the continuous wire or you may make separate petals and wire them singly to flower.

STEP FOUR — Third row of Petals

Make 8 petals using the same procedure as in Step Three. Have these petals on separate wire and wire each petal to flower. Figure 4.

STEP FIVE — Fourth row of petals

To make flower larger, add another row of 10 petals.  Use the same procedure as in Step Three, Figure 5.

STEP SIX — Leaves

String 9 inches (9") of beads on wire. Make a 4 loop leaf. Use 20 beads for the first loop, 29 beads for the sec­ond loop and 38 beads for the third loop and 52 beads for the fourth loop. Figure 6. See General Instructions for mak­ing loops. Shape the leaves and reinforce them by securing with a short length of wire at top and bottom.


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