Daisy Flower Pattern

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Materials Needed
3 Packages Seed Beads (¾ oz. packages)
1 — Orange — center
1 — Red — Red daisies
1 — Yellow — Yellow daisies
1 Package Rocaille Beads — Green — leaves (¾ oz. pkg.)
1 Spool #30 gauge bead wire
1 Bunch #18 gauge bare stem wire
1 Roll Florists tape — green

STEP ONE — Center

String 37 orange beads on wire. Slip 6 beads to within 3" of end of wire. Form into loop as shown in General Instructions.

Make second loop with 12 beads and form the 12 bead loop around the original 6 bead loop. Make these 3 loops on a continuous wire.

Make 3rd loop of 19 beads and wrap around previous loops, forming into a half ball for center pep. Figure 1

STEP TWO — Petals

String 22 inches (22") of yellow beads on wire. It takes 23 beads for each daisy petal. Slip 23 beads to within 3" of the end of the wire. Form loop. Twist wire, (see General Instructions.) DO NOT CUT WIRE.

Make a continuous line of 14 petal loops. Figure 2

Secure the 14 petal loops to the pep or center by wrap­ping the wire around tightly.

Repeat this procedure for both red or yellow daisies in the amount desired for your bouquet. Tape a stem wire to flower or if desired use beads for stem as shown in General Instructions.


String 40 beads onto wire for each leaf.

Make first loop of 15 beads and second loop of 25 beads. Reinforce and secure these loops into leaf shape by using method shown in General Instructions.

Shape end of leaf into a point. Figure 3. Tape 2 to 3 leaves to each flower stem.


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