Marble Canyon Crochet Vest Pattern

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Directions are for Small Size (8 to 10). Changes for Medium (12 to 14) and Large (16 to 18) are in parentheses.

Columbia-Minerva Nantuk Sweater & Afghan Yarn (2 oz pull skein): 5 (5-6) skeins

Needle: One "Boye" crochet hook Size G and one blunt-end tapestry needle

Gauge: 9 mesh to 4 inches

To Dec At Beg of Row: Ch 2 to turn instead of 4, then work 1 dc in next dc, continue in pat.

To Dec At End of Row: Work to last dc and turning-ch, yo and draw up a loop in the dc, yo and through 2 loops, yo and draw up a loop in turning ch, yo and through 2 loops, yo and through 3 loops.

Starting at lower edge of body, ch 148 (168-188).

Row 1: Starting in 6th ch from hook, work 1 dc, * ch 1, skip 1 ch, 1 dc in next ch, repeat from * across, ch 4, turn.

Row 2: Counting turning-ch as first dc, work 1 dc in next dc, * ch 1, 1 dc in next dc, repeat from * across, end last dc in turning-ch, ch 4, turn. There are 72 (82-92) mesh. Repeat Row 2 for Filet Mesh Pat, working for 21 inches or desired length to underarm. Width at bustline is 32 (36½-41) inches.

Left Front Armhole & Neck: Work 16 (18-20) mesh, ch 4, turn. Keeping armhole edge straight, dec 1 mesh at front edge every other row 8 (9-10) times. If necessary, work on the 8 (9-10) mesh to 8½ (9-9½) inches straight above underarm. Fasten off.

Back: Skip 5 (6-7) mesh on last long row for underarm, join yarn in next dc and work 30 (34-38) mesh for back, ch 4, turn. Work on the 30 (34-38) mesh until armholes match front armhole. Fasten off.

Right Front: Skip 5 (6-7) mesh on last long row for underarm, join yarn in next dc, work to front edge. Work on the 16 (18-20) mesh to correspond to left front. Fasten off. Steam lightly.

To Weave: Run a basting thread through center dc of back from lower edge to neck. Thread 3 strands of yarn into tapestry needle each cut about 6 inches longer than twice the length of back. Starting in first mesh to left of center, bring needle through to right side and draw strands through leaving 2-inch end hang at lower edge. Weave strands over first bar, under 2nd bar, over 3rd bar, etc. to top mesh. Being careful NOT to alternate the unders and overs, draw yarn through top mesh on other side of basting and weave to lower edge. Leaving 3 mesh free at either side of double stripe just woven, weave a double stripe as before. Continue to weave stripes 3 mesh apart, working to each front edge. Run back all loose ends on wrong side.

Seam shoulders. On right side crochet 1 row of sc around armholes.

Front Edging: On right side, starting at lower edge of right front, crochet 1 row of sc along front edge, around neck and along left front, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: 1 sc in each sc, ch 1, turn.

Place 5 markers on right front for buttonholes, with first one 1 inch above lower edge and 5th marker at first neck dec.

Row 3: * 1 sc in each sc to marker, ch 3, skip 3 sc for buttonhole, repeat from * 4 times more, continue around in sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 4: 1 sc in each st with 3 sc in each buttonhole. Fasten off.

Be Sure Your Stitch Gauge Is Correct.

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