McCall's Needlework & Crafts Magazine | Annual Volume III

McCall's Needlework & Crafts Magazine | Annual Volume III

McCall's Needlework & Crafts Annual Magazine
Volume III
McCall Corporation
Original Copyright 1952


McCalls Needlework Magazine Annual IIIYou readers may wonder how we put a magazine like this together. The first step is to obtain made-up items, complete with instructions for making, in as large a variety of handcrafts as possible.McCalls Needlework Magazine Annual III For a year or more we have been collecting material for this issue of Annual. Many of our own ideas were developed by expert artists and craftsmen who work with us. Most of the knitting and crochet, designed at our request, comes from large yarn and thread companies. Some of the material is submitted by readers. With the actual items in front of us, we pick, choose and balance, McCalls Needlework Magazine Annual IIIalways wishing that we had more space to include everything on hand. Making plans, top (left to right) Eleanor Spencer, Nan Comstock, Gena Rhoades, and Jane Callaghan. Next, material is taken to the photographers by Alixe Scott and Dick Coe (above), who supervise details. Photographs in, pages are planned; then layouts made by Alex Sniffen and Alyce Murphy (above, left). McCalls Needlework Magazine Annual IIIThe writing is under the supervision of Amalia G. Casseres (not present when photographs were taken). Her assistants are (left to right) Carol Stein and Betsy Darrach, shown checking page proofs with my secretary, Claire Tetrault.

The Editor.

Nanina Comstock, Editor-in-Chief
McCall's Needlework and Crafts Annual III, © 1952

Embroider Flowers in Small Stitches n/a
Embroider Flowers with Variety n/a
Embroider on Ticking in Straight Lines n/a
Embroider in Cross Stitch n/a
Embroider an Eagle n/a
Embroider on Wire Screening n/a
Embroider in English Smocking on Pleats n/a
Embroider on Huck n/a
Embroider with Applique Rickrack, Braid and Tape n/a
Three-Piece Suit Bernat  
Pot Holder American Thread  
Cap and Mittens American Thread  
Evening Blouse with Ribbon Yoke Potomac  
Two-Piece Dress Spinnerin  
Shoulderette Nomotta  
Angora Bolero Beehive  
Striped Slipon Penguin  
Dolman-Sleeved Slipover Seaspun  
Turtleneck Pullover Fleisher's  
Cable Cardigan Fleisher's  
Black Scarf Botany  
Gauntlet Gloves Fleisher's  
Plaid Socks Minerva  
White Spencer Spinnerin  
Cardigan and Mittens Columbia  
Norwegian Cardigan Fleisher's or Columbia  
Cable Slipon Bishop's  
Girls' Cardigan Beehive  
Cuffed Gloves Sort Yarn  
Yellow Cable Socks Spinnerin  
Skating Cap Botany  
Santa Claus Mittens Botany  
Braid-Trimmed Suit Nomotta  
Men's Pullover Penguin  
Sleeveless Pullover Chadwick's Red Heart  
Men's Slipon Bernat  
Boys' Cardigan Bishop's  
Boys' Pullover Botany  
Men's Pullover Botany  
Four-Piece Outfit Minerva  
Three-Piece Set Botany  
Little Boy Blue Cardigan Nomotta  
Nubby Pullover Zelta  
Raglan Sleeve Cardigan Seaspun  
Garter and Lace Stripe Cardigan Columbia  
Argyle Pullover Bear Brand  
Chenille Stole Dritz  
American Beauty Stole Bear Brand  
Drawstring Cap and Bag American Thread  
Filet Washcloth Crochet Thread  
Edging and Insertion J.&P. Coats  
Hat and Bag Dritz  
Brim Cloche Fingering Yarn  
Resort Bag Hiawatha  
Chenille Bag Hiawatha  
Corde Bag Hiawatha  
Afghan Sample Knitted Worsted Yarn  
Daisy Dress Fleisher's or Bear Brand  
Sequin Slippers Bucilla  
Sequin Earmuffs Knit-Cro-Sheen  
Sequin Crochet Belt Lily Mills  
Sequin Crochet Apron Bucilla  
Pigtail Cap Knitted Worsted Yarn  
Jester Slippers American Thread  
Duck Slippers Chadwick's Red Heart  
Strapped Bootees Nomotta  
Sweater and Cap Lily Mills  
Carriage Robe Lily Mills  
Bottle Holder Bear Brand  
Lacy Tablecloth American Thread American Thread #28
Sea Anemone Medallion Peri-Lusta  
Maple Leaf Medallion Lily Mills  
Rose Wheel Tablecloth American Thread  
Oval Mat Dritz  
Five-Piece Set Bucilla  
Dogwood Set Lily Mills  
Doily Set Lily Mills  
Daisy Wheel Medallion American Thread  
Tiny Motifs Cartier Bresson  
Lace Scarf American Thread  
Small Doily J.&P. Coats  
Large Doily J.&P. Coats  
Lucky Wheel Bedspread American Thread  
Weather Vane Bedspread American Thread American Thread #11
Six-Pointed Star Rug Various  
Corner Edging #1 Daisy  
Corner Edging #2 Daisy  
Corner Edging #3 Daisy  
Corner Edging #4 Daisy  
Corner Edging #5 Daisy  
Corner Edging #6 Daisy  
Flower Rug Bucilla  
Cake Pot Holder American Thread  
Puff-Stitch Pot Holder Lily Mills  
Oval Hot Plate Mat Lily Mills  
Snowman Sachet Crochet Cotton  
Party Snapper Sachet Crochet Cotton  
Purse Sachet Crochet Cotton  
Round Doily DMC  
Wide Insertion DMC  
Whimsical Lamp Shade Cut and Paste Paper Craft n/a Lesson 1
Nursery Rhyme Shadow-Box Pictures Cut and Paste Paper Craft n/a Lesson 1
Little Wooden Boxes Cut and Paste Paper Craft n/a Lesson 1
Bold Peasant Stenciling Craft n/a Lesson 2
Lily of the Valley Stenciling Craft n/a Lesson 2
Sweet Pea Stenciling Craft n/a Lesson 2
Chrysanthemum Stenciling Craft n/a Lesson 2
Maple Leaf and Oak Leaf Stenciling Craft n/a Lesson 2
Block Printing Craft n/a Lesson 3
Raffia and Reed Craft n/a Lesson 4
Leathercraft n/a Lesson 5
Sawing and Whittling Craft n/a Lesson 6
Painting Freehand Craft n/a Lesson 7
China Painting Craft n/a Lesson 8
Pottery Slab Method Craft n/a Lesson 9
Freehand Bronzing n/a Lesson 10
Salt and Starch for Modeling Craft n/a
Two Hand Puppets n/a Dollmaking
Tiny Clothespin Doll n/a Dollmaking
Cotton-stuffed Muslin Doll n/a Dollmaking
How to Enlarge Designs by Squares n/a How To
How to Make Working Tracings of Designs n/a How To
How to Mix Colors n/a How To
How to Draw an Oval n/a How To
How to Divide Any Line into Equal Parts n/a How To
Miniature Tole Pins and Earrings Craft n/a
Lamps and Shades Craft n/a
Traditional Rug Hooking n/a
Cookie Tree n/a
Carved Christmas Creche n/a
Woodwork Craft n/a
Mobiles Craft n/a