Nursery Rhyme Shadow-Box Pictures Cut and Paste Paper Craft

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Nursery Rhyme Shadow-Box Pictures Cut and Paste Craft


Before using designs, they should be traced onto working sheets. Lay a sheet of tracing paper over page. Use a small amount of artist’s rubber cement, applied to each corner of tracing paper only, to hold it in place. Remove paper carefully. Rubber cement traces are easily rubbed away with fingertips. If rubber cement is not available, attach with small pieces of Scotch tape or masking tape. Tapes are difficult to remove. To avoid tearing page, cut the tape at edges of paper and leave tape on page.

EQUIPMENT: Tracing paper; hard and soft pencils; white chalk; scissors; glue or paste; small water-color brush; black India ink; fine-pointed pen.

MATERIALS: Any colored paper may be used—wallpaper, construction paper, designers' paper, or Dennison's gummed crepe paper made especially for applique. See other materials under directions for each item.


Trace patterns onto tracing paper. Make one complete tracing for placing pattern, separate tracings for individual parts. For placing pattern, trace parts to be covered with applique slightly inside the outlines, all other lines (those drawn in with paint or ink) exactly as on pattern. Trace patterns for individual parts about ⅛" larger on edges where they are overlapped by another part (e. g., make Tommy Stout's breeches ⅛" longer where overlapped by stockings). Make patterns for underparts in one piece (e. g., make entire car bodies in one piece, including areas overlaid by fenders).

Go over lines on reverse side of tracing with soft pencil (use white chalk for patterns to be cut from dark paper or felt). Use tracing, right side up. Trace outlines. Cut out.

Draw in painted or inked lines before pasting pieces into position.


MATERIALS: 2 cardboard boxes, 8½" x 6¼" x 1½" deep (or larger if desired). Paper: blue, yellow, green, fuchsia, pink, black, white, orange, chartreuse. Felt: black for cat, wine-red for flower on Bo- Peep's hat. Buttons: 2 white pearl, 2-hole, 1⅛" across for faces; 1 gold, 2-hole, indented center, across for lamb's head; 1 black, 2-hole, indented center, ½" across for cat's head. Poster paints: red, white, fuchsia. Pipe cleaner.

DIRECTIONS: To place colors of backgrounds and separate parts, see photographs. Prepare paper parts according to "General Directions." Fringe hair as indicated. Decorate as follows: Paint red mouths on face buttons; outline rims of buttonhole "eyes" and draw eyelashes with pen and ink. Paint center of button for lamb's face fuchsia, for cat's face, white. When dry, paint red mouth on cat. With pen and ink, draw the following: on lamb —nose, mouth, hooves, "curls"; on Tommy—shoes, bows, stocking tops, wrist lines on gloves, buttons on suit, cord on hat; details on Tommy's background.

Paste backgrounds into boxes. Frame with ½" strips of yellow paper, pinked along inner edge. Paste parts for each picture into position. Paste cerise bows under chins. Bend pipe cleaner into a crook and paste into Bo-Peep's box. Cut markers from green paper; letter or write on them "Little Bo-Peep" and "Little Tommy Stout." Fold as indicated, paste into boxes.

Nursery Rhyme Shadow-Box Pictures Cut and Paste Craft
Nursery Rhyme Shadow-Box Pictures Cut and Paste Craft