Palomino Pony Clippie Pattern

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Plastic Canvas: 2 pcs., 3½” x 4½”
Yarn: off-white—3 yds.; black—6 in.; gold—28 yds.
1 clothespin
2 brown animal eyes—7mm

  1. Cut 2 body pieces and 2 ears from plastic canvas. Cut according to the chart, but do not cut out horn.
  2. Stitch entire pieces with gold yarn, overcasting all edges. Backstitch nostrils with black as shown on chart.
  3. Attach ears where shown on chart.
  4. Assemble as directed in general instructions. Note: the clothespin does not run diagonally across body as in the other projects. Instead it runs from the front legs toward the back, paral­lel to the bottom edge of body.
  5. Attach mane and tail as described in general instructions.

Mane For Unicorn, Pegasus and Palomino Pony

Cut 10 pieces of yarn approx. 3 inches long. Use two pieces for each fringe. Attach fringe under overcast stitches down the back of the neck. Start between the ears and make 5 fringe knots in the same manner as described for the whiskers above. At completion carefully comb fringes out to fluff yarn. Trim ends to shape if needed.

Tail For Unicorn, Pegasus and Palomino Pony

Cut 4 pieces of yarn approx. 4 inches long. Us­ing all four pieces, fringe into the end of the body in the same manner as described for the whiskers. Work the fringe knot under several overcasting body stitches. Comb yarn to fluff. Trim ends to shape if needed.

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