Bunny Clippie Pattern

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Plastic Canvas: 2 pcs., 3½” x 3½”
Yarn: pink—2 yds.; white—25 yds.
1 clothespin
2 brown animal eyes—7mm
1 chenille pom-pom—1½” dia. (purchase pre-made or make your own)

  1. Cut 2 body pieces and 2 ears from plastic canvas.
  2. Stitch all the pieces in white. Overcast all edges with white.
  3. Attach eyes and ears where shown on chart.
  4. Assemble as directed in general instructions.
  5. Overcast nose with pink. Sew pom-pom to body where indicated on chart. Add pink highlight to ears, but do not pass needle through holes in canvas. Instead, work through the white stitches, so that the pink appears only on one side of the ear.

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