Place Card Xmas Tree Pattern

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Place Card Xmas Tree Pattern

Materials Required:
1 oz. Green or Color of your choice.
8 inch length of medium wire.
Small section aluminum foil and cardboard.

Cut skein into 2 inch lengths. Thread 3 strands of yarn onto wire, bend wire back over yarn for top of tree. With free end of wire, continue threading yarn onto wire to within one inch and until wire is comfortably full.
Cut 2 sections of cardboard 2 inches in diameter. Punch hole in center of one section. Cover both sections of cardboard with aluminum foil. Place free end of wire through hole, bend and attach securely. Place 2nd cardboard over bottom and staple (or paste) 2 sections together.
If desired, tree may be sprayed with snow or trimmed as desired. We pasted jeweled sequins here and there and wound silver tying cord as illustrated. We made a Star for top of tree. (Follow directions for Angel's halo for Star, only working 5 points and completing Star at center).
Print place card and attach to tree with fine wire.