Bird Pattern

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Bird Pattern

Materials Required:
"DAWN" BULKY YARN, Article W-33
2 oz. White or color of your choice
6 inch length medium wire
"Star" Six Strand Mercerized Embroidery Cotton, Article 50
1 skein Yellow for bill
Pink Sequins for neck, wings and tail.
2 Blue Sequins for eyes

Wind yarn 40 times over a 6 inch cardboard. Tie one end slip from cardboard, tie again about 1 inch from 1st tying for head, then tie again 2½ inches from last tying for body. Cut other end for tail. Comb or brush tail until fluffy. Stuff body with cotton or yarn. Sew pink sequins all around neck, then sew sequins in outline of wings as illustrated. Sew 2 blue sequins in place for eyes.
Thread 4 strands of "Dawn" Bulky through bill section and with "Star" Six Strand Mercerized Embroidery Cotton work ½" in buttonhole stitch over the 4 strands of Bulky to complete bill. Trim Bulky yarn and embroidery cotton.
Finish by winding "Dawn" Bulky Yarn over wire for feet, and attach in position as illustrated.