Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine | Fall 1982

Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine | Fall 1982

Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine
Volume 4, Number 2
Fall 1982


Exciting designs & patterns from the past to make today's crocheting interesting!

Magazine developed to bring back designs and patterns from the past. Distributed in quarterly issues from 1979 to 2002.

Filet Insertion for Curtain    
Baroque Doily 1951 Spool Cotton
Corner for Luncheon Cloth and Napkin, Violet Design    
Smart Match Makers - Edgings 1942  
Bag Purse in Silk Knit 1860  
The Diamond Snood #70 1939 Russell Fraser
Rambler Rose Doily #7406 1950 American Thread #74
Grape and Chalice Church Lace   American Thread
Rose Church Lace   American Thread
Cross Church Lace   American Thread
Grapevine Scarf 1925 Mary Card
Grape Doily 1950 American Thread #71
Baby's Crocheted Kimono    
Baby's Cap    
Baby's Shoe Booties    
Baby's Crocheted Wrapper    
Baby's Afghan    
Ride a Cock Horse 1945 American Thread #39
Lilac Time Tea Cloth #7651 1943 Spool Cotton #202
New Adaptations of Crocheted Tatting 1922  
Unique Tea Cozy 1929  
Thumbless Mitten 1916 Columbia
Woodland Design Chair Set 1931 Mary Card
Two-Toned Living Room Set 1938 Spool Cotton
Slip-On Hat for Baby 1951  
Church Lace with Corner in Lily Design 1924  
Manor House Doily #7648 1943 Spool Cotton #201
Irish Crochet Doily #7635 1943 Spool Cotton #201
Boy's Polo Cap 1916 Columbia
Crocheted Waist 1917 Corticelli
Two Adorable Bonnets for the Babies 1931  
Lovable Puppy #4026 1945 Spool Cotton #226
Patriotic Ball #4031 1945 Spool Cotton #226
Towels for the Guest Room