Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine | Fall 1979

Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine | Fall 1979

Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine
Volume 1, Number 2
Fall 1979


Exciting designs & patterns from the past to make today's crocheting interesting!

Magazine developed to bring back designs and patterns from the past. Distributed in quarterly issues from 1979 to 2002.

An Animal Spread for Kiddie's Bed    
Dainty Doily #6620   American Thread #66
Dainty Doily #2   American Thread #66
Ladies Filet Crochet Tuxedo 1921  
Elegant Centerpiece in Wild Clematis Design   Mary Card
Nightgown Yoke   Royal Society
New Life for Old Shades   American Thread
And Your Pulls are Drooping?   American Thread
Phoebe's Flowers in Filet 1921  
Hens and Baby Chicks 1945 American Thread #39
Patio Pets #5140 1941 Spool Cotton #175
Whirligig Motif #S-904 1956 Clark's O.N.T. #325
Needlepoint Crochet   American Thread
Neckwear for the Woman Who Loves Crochet    
Windmill Bedspread N/A American Thread #11
Irish Point Lace 1894  
Dopey Duck   Spool Cotton
Crocheted Ruffle 1894 1894  
For Baby, Crocheted Over-Boots 1899  
The Large Table Ruffle   American Thread
Crocheted Hood & Mitts   American Thread
Book Bag 1935 Spool Cotton #57
Filet Crochet Chair Back or Table Runner 1921  
Pillow 1921  
Leaf Lace for Pillow Slips 1894  
Lamp Shade 1921  
Durable Winsor Chair Set   Cynthia
Sunburst Runner   Cynthia
Hot Plate Mats   American Thread
Mushroom Pillow   American Thread
Pocket Pretty Handkerchief   Spool Cotton
Crocheted Edging 1921  
Wide Torchan Lace 1894  
Rose Centerpiece   Lily
Ball Lace 1893  
Bath Mat   American Thread