Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine | Fall 1981

Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine | Fall 1981

Old Time Crochet Patterns & Designs Magazine
Volume 3, Number 2
Fall 1981


Exciting designs & patterns from the past to make today's crocheting interesting!

Magazine developed to bring back designs and patterns from the past. Distributed in quarterly issues from 1979 to 2002.

Pebbly Popcorn Mat   American Thread
Renaissance Collar #2113 1936 Spool Cotton #68
Crochet Shawl 1906  
Mistress Mary Dress   Spool Cotton
Shaded Pink and White Doily 1951 American Thread #87
Hiawatha Afghan   American Thread
Sunflower Bedspread   American Thread #109
Luncheon Set 1946 American Thread
Butterfly Shade Pulls #S-52 1951 Spool Cotton #272
Bird Chair Set   American Thread
Collar of Crochet Medallions    
Border for Counterpane 1918  
Unique and Attractive Edgings 1927  
The Irish Wheel in a Chemise Yoke 1918  
Ladies' Filet Crochet Kimono 1915  
Crochet Garter 1868  
Pineapple Petals Doily #PD-245 1950 Spool Cotton #266
Border for a Table Cover 1926  
The Oaksmere Round Bag 1922  
Headdress 1862  
Doll's Crocheted Suit    
Cozy Comforts for the Little Ones 1931  
Infant's Crocheted Socks 1912  
Crochet Lace 1906  
Crochet Mat for Dining Table 1906  
Edgings and Insertions 1914  
Ripe Wheat Doily #S-393 1955 Spool Cotton #297
Ripe Wheat Runner #S-815 1955 Spool Cotton #319
Crochet Doily 1905  
Gloves 1945 Spool Cotton
Misses' Crocheted Hood and Scarf Combined 1915 Columbia
Reverse Crochet Rug   American Thread
Shelf Edgings   Spool Cotton
Crocheted Bag 1945 Columbia
Knitted Bag 1945 Columbia
Crochet Square for Quilt 1905  
Parthenon Chair Set 1949 Spool Cotton #261
Crochet Collar 1863  
Non-Slip Hanger Covers   Spool Cotton
Nut Basket    
Maltese Crochet Lace 1912