Two-Color Pom Pom Pattern #2318

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Materials: Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Pearl Cotton, size, 5, 1 ball each of Red and White.

Cut 2 circles of cardboard, each 1½ inches in diameter. Then cut a circle ¾ inch in diameter at center of each cardboard. Place one cardboard circle on top of the other. Cut 8 strands of Red, each about 4 yds. long. Draw one end of these strands through center of circle from back, pass them over outer edge and draw them through center of circle again. Continue in this manner until ⅓ of circle is covered. Cover remainder in same way, using White instead of Red (center of circle should be completely filled in). With sharp scissors, cut thread between the 2 cardboards, at outer edge. Cut 3 strands of Red, each about 15 inches long, and find center. Tie center of these strands tightly around strands between cardboard circles, thus leaving 2 equal lengths of 3 strands each, to be braided into a cord. Remove cardboards, and trim pompom evenly all around.