Pom Pom Pattern #2316

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Pom Pom Pattern #2316

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Pearl Cotton, size 5, 2 balls each of Blue and Orange.

Pompom. Cut two circles of cardboard, each 2¼ inches in diameter. Then cut a circle 1 inch in diameter at center of each cardboard. Place one cardboard circle on top of the other. * Cut 12 strands of Blue, each about 4 yds. long. Draw one end of these strands through center of circle from back, pass them over outer edge and draw them through center of circle again. Continue in this manner until strands are used up. Repeat from * until center of circle is completely filled in. With sharp scissors, cut thread between the 2 cardboards, at outer edge. Cut 4 strands of Blue, each 1¼ yds. long, and find center. Tie center of these strands tightly around strands between cardboard circles, thus leaving 2 equal lengths of 4 strands each, to be twisted into cords. Remove cardboards and trim pompom evenly.

Cord. Twist one length of 4 strands tightly. Then, holding pompom securely in order to retain twist of first length, twist other length tightly in opposite direction. Knot twisted strands 1 inch from end, and run thumb firmly along both lengths, thus forming twisted cord.

Make another pompom same as this, using Orange.