Playtime Togs Shorts and Halter Pattern

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Playtime Togs Shorts and Halter Pattern

Material: Poplin or Cotton – ½ yd (0.46m)
Bias Tape for Halter and Terry Cloth Beach Robe: 4 yds (3.66m)

Be sure to measure the garment on the doll as you sew.

SHORTS: Sew same as for slacks only turn hems (on top of shorts and bottom of shorts) under twice.

HALTER: With right sides facing, sew two pieces at notch. Sew two other pieces together at notch. Press seams open. With right sides together, sew ends and inside of halter, turn. Open and lay right side of binding on edge of halter, allow ¼ in (0.65cm) hem at each end of binding to turn under. Stitch binding to outside of halter.

Playtime Togs Shorts Pattern
Playtime Togs Halter Pattern