Pineapple Crochet Designs | Edited by Rita Weiss

Product Description

Paperback: 48 pages
Publisher: Dover Publications (May 1, 1980)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 048623939X
ISBN-13: 978-0486239392



The pineapple design known for its elegant and classic beauty is by far the most popular crochet design among needleworkers. This book offers a wide selection of the most popular pineapple patterns ever created, taken from various instruction booklets first published some thirty years ago. Thirty-four different pineapple patterns include a large variety of exquisite items.

Each pattern has complete instructions and photographs of motifs and finished projects. Full stitch instructions are given.


Patterns in this publication were selected from the following vintage publications:

Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily
Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily
Featuring 14 New Pineapple Doilies
Floral Doilies
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 206
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 211
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 230
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 235
 Chair Sets
Crochet for Small Fry
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Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily
Pineapple Fan Fair
 Pick of the Pineapples
Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily 
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 236
The Spool Cotton Co
Book 266
 The Spool Cotton Co
Book 287
 Lily Mills Co
Book 2000
Crocheted Bedspreads 
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Flower Doilies and a New Pansy Doily
Crisp New Doilies
American Thread Co
Book 59
Royal Society Inc
Book 9
 Ruffled Doilies and the Pansy Doily
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Pattern List

Pineapple Luncheon Set #7774-A
Pineapple Chair Back #7774-B
Pineapple Ruffle
Pineapple Doily #9-124
Pineapple Runner #7770-A
Pineapple Vanity Set #7770-B
Pineapple Fan Chair Set #PD-422
Pineapple Doily #7773-A
Pineapple Apron #7773-B
Pineapple Bedspread or Tablecloth #7650-A
Pineapple Runner #7650-B
Pineapple Points Doily #PD-424
Pineapple Square Luncheon Set #7777
Pineapple Tablecloth #7775
Pineapple Popcorns Pot Holders #PD-420
Pineapple Posy Doily #PD-426
Pineapple Bath Towel Edging #S-246

Pineapple Pillow Case Edging #S-247
Pineapple Guest Towel Edging #S-248
Pineapple Fringed Guest Towl Edging #S-249
Pineapple Tea Apron Edging #S-250
Pineapple Handerkerchief Edging #
Pineapple Flower Girl #5260
Pineapple Chair Set #7670
Pineapple Shade Pull #
Pineapple Doily #7808
Daisy Pineapple Runner #7855
Daisy Pineapple Round Luncheon Set #7857
Daisy Pineapple Tray Mat #7853
Pineapple Wheel Doily #PD-423
Pineapple Lamp Shades
Pineapple Vanity Set
Pineapple Centerpiece #7771
Pineapple Petals Doily #PD-425