Dusting Glove Pattern

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Dusting Glove Pattern

   For a quick dusting job it cannot be beat, and may be used for applying furniture polish, polishing and dusting in the home or garage. The glove pictured is a canvas work glove, obtainable in any store (purchase the size needed), covered with tassels (do not cut ends as for rugs) made by wrapping a single end of ENTERPRISE Yarn, around a card 3 to 3½ inches wide. Wind nine to ten turns for each tassel and pull from the end of the card, double and tie in the middle to the desired spot, as for a rug, to make a bunch of loops.
   Tie a row of tassels down each finger and the thumb, and fill the palm to the wrist, with tassels about one inch apart.
   Colors can be mixed, or not, as wanted. The fingers can be all of a dark color, and the palm in light shades—any pleasing effect wanted will serve the purpose.
   Gloves can be right or left handed, or both, as desired. Try it— you'll like the way it works. Each glove takes about 100 yards of yarn.