Cider Braised Pork Chops with Mash and Mustard Greens Recipe

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A delicious slow cooking way of preparing pork chops. Mashed potato made your own way is a great accompaniment, but the mustard greens really kick the dish into a new dimension. Whilst the preparation and cooking time seem to be long, it is actually the braising that takes the time, so once its in the oven, you have plenty of time to get on with other tasks!

Serves: 4



3 tbs of light olive oil
4 x 6/7 oz pork chops, most of the fat removed              
3 heaped tbs of grain mustard
2 cloves of garlic, crushed (if you don’t like garlic, you can leave it out)
1 pint of cider
1 pint of chicken stock
3 tbs of runny honey
2 apples, peeled and chopped, not too fine
Handful of chopped fresh sage
1 large quick cook cabbage (you can use any cabbage, but follow your cooking time as you prefer it, either soft or crunchy)



Heat oven to 350 F/175 C. Mix together 1tbs of olive oil, 1 tbs of mustard, the honey and  the chopped garlic. Place you chops into the marinade and coat thoroughly. Cover and put into the fridge.

Cook the diced apple in a small pan on a low heat, covered with water, for approximately 10 minutes, or until tender but not falling apart. Drain, but leave a little of the apple water, and set aside.

Heat a frying pan with 2 tbs of oil, and pan fry your chops until they are browned on each side, approx 2 to 3 minutes each side, and remove from the heat. Pour the stock and cider into a baking dish, with high sides (3 inches or more), and add the marinade left from the chops. Mix well and place your chops into the dish. Cook in the oven for approx 1 and a half hours, turning once and baste with the sauce. The chops should be tender, but if not, put back into the oven for a further 15 minutes. They should be almost falling apart by this time.

Whilst the chops are cooking, about 15 minutes before they are due to be ready, slice your cabbage, not too finely, and cook in boiling water. When the cabbage is done to your liking, drain off the water, add 2oz butter and 1 tsp of the mustard and mix well. Cover tightly and leave to one side. For the last 5 minutes of cooking, add the diced apple to the pork chops.

When the chops are out of the oven, serve with mashed potato, a helping of the mustard greens and spoon over the delicious sauce. Sprinkle over the chopped sage if required. Be sure to put some of the remaining sauce in a jug to serve with the meal – you guests will definitely want more!