Paper Christmas Tree Pattern

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Paper Christmas Tree Pattern

A golden tree, about 13" high, made of crepe-backed foil paper. The tree is pleated and fringed, stands on a cardboard cone and base.

   Materials: Norcross green-and-gold Fashion Foil paper (a crinkly paper, gold on one side and green on the other); silver flitter; lightweight cardboard; glue.
   Directions: For base, cut a 9" circle of cardboard and two 10" circles of foil. Paste foil circles, green side out, onto both sides of cardboard circle, letting edges of foil circles extend ½" beyond edge of cardboard. Fringe ½" extension.
   For support, make a cardboard cone 11" high and 3" across bottom. Cover with foil, green side out. Glue cone to center of base.
   For tree, cut a foil-paper circle, 20" in diameter. With gold side up, fold into sixteenths (Fig. 1), folding solid lines out and dotted lines in. Cut three curved notches along each outside fold (indicated by solid lines in Fig. 2). Fringe each notch from edge to dotted line. Fringe bottom edge of tree ½" deep all around. Curl all fringes outward slightly so that green underside will show. Place tree on supporting cone.
   Cut two stars (see directions below) from foil paper. Glue together, gold side out. Brush one side of star with glue and sprinkle with silver flitter. Mount on tree with a pin.



  1. Draw a circle desired size of star. With compass or dividers, find 5 equidistant points A on circumference of circle. Draw lines to connect points to form a pentagon.
  2. Using same center of circle, draw another circle as illustrated (distance of inner circle from outer circle controls depth of star points). Find centers of 5 sides of pentagon (points B). From these centers, draw a line through center of circle to opposite points A.
  3. Draw lines from points A of pentagon to where dividing lines intersect inner circle (points C) to form star.

Paper Christmas Tree Pattern
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