Christmas Garland Pattern

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Christmas Garland Pattern

Crepe paper garland is fringed and gathered, tipped with blue "snow," caught with ribbons and Christmas balls.

   Materials: Dennison's crepe paper, green (1 package will make almost 3 yds. of garland); needle and heavy-duty thread; glue; silver flitter; La France bead-bluing; green spool wire; 1½" Christmas balls; red ribbon 3" wide.
   Directions: Cut folded crepe paper into 4" strips, across folds (7 strips make 4 yds. of garland). Open strip and refold to 8 thicknesses. Pin through center, cut 1½" deep fringe along both edges. Before unfolding strips, dip tips of fringe in "Christmas Blue" (directions below). Open and let dry. Brush fringe tips lightly with glue and sprinkle with silver flitter. When dry gather strips through center with needle and thread. Twist and push together to form garland. Loop garland gracefully wherever desired. Catch with ribbon bows and wired Christmas balls.
   Christmas Blue: Pour 1 cup of La France bead-bluing into a small, deep bowl. Add ¼ cup cold water. Beat with egg beater into creamy consistency.