Zippered Fleece Christmas Stocking

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Skill Level: Easy

Fill the stockings with treats and they're a perfect "last minute" gift for parties, your child's teacher, or "a little something extra" for your someone special on your list!

Coats Dual Duty Plus® All-purpose Thread
Coats Sport Molded Closed Bottom Zipper - 7"
Extra-wide Double Fold Bias Tape
Double-sided Fleece Fabric


1) Cut out stocking front and back from fleece.

2) On the stocking front, draw a rectangle (Fig 1), ½" x 7½".

3) Cut rectangle out of fleece along lines.

4) Center zipper underneath cut-out. HAND BASTE around zipper, ¼" from cut edge.

5) Set stitch length to 8 stitches per inch (3.5mm). Stitch around zipper, pivoting at corners.

6) After installing zipper, straight stitch, zig zag or blanket stitch appliques such as snowmen, trees or toes & heels on stocking front.

7) Stitch stocking front and back together.

8) Encase upper edge in bias tape, folding under ends at zipper.

9) Form a loop of bias tape and attach to seam of stocking for hanging.


* Fleece is a pile fabric - cut using "with nap" layout.

* Set machine for a long (8-10 stitches per inch or 3.5 mm) straight stitch or zigzag.

* A size 11 (80) Universal point needle is the best choice for most fleece fabrics.

* Follow manufacturer's care label. Fleece is heat sensitive - avoid ironing, hot dryer temp. Do not dry-clean.

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