Oh, Christmas Tree Wreath LW1384

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No Skills Required

RED HEART® "Light & Lofty®", Art. E708 (6 ounce solid/4.5 ounce multi-color skeins): 12 Ounces No. 9632 Pine.

Wire coat hanger; 4"-wide cardboard; scissors; one 30g package mixed 3mm/4mm silver beads; one 30g package mixed 3mm/4mm gold beads; sewing needle and thread; one 20g package assorted acrylic crystals; 2" -wide wire-edge gold ribbon; pliers; fine wire for securing bow; hot glue gun and glue sticks.

With pliers, shape wire hanger into a triangle (see diagram).

Yarn Bundle (Make approximately 60): Wind yarn 20 times around the cardboard. Slip these strands off the cardboard. Then, with a separate 8" strand of yarn, tie strands together at center (see Figure 1); do not cut the yarn loops.

Using the ends of the 8" strand, tie the bundle to the triangle, positioning the bundle perpendicular to the wire (see Figure 2). If necessary, trim ends of 8" strand.

Make another bundle and tie to the wire adjacent to the previous bundle. Continue to make bundles and tie them to the wire in the same way, positioning each bundle against the previous bundle and working around the form until the entire wire triangle is filled.

With approximately 40" of a double strand of thread in the sewing needle, string beads: secure the first bead approximately 5" from the ends of the thread by passing the needle 2 or 3 times through the bead so that it doesn't move; string beads until approximately 5" from the remaining ends; secure the last bead as before. Wrap strings of beads around the tree, tying ends of strings together as necessary. Make a bow from the ribbon; attach to the hanger with wire or glue. Glue crystals randomly to tree.

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