Wavy Shawl LW1469

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Designed by Grace Alexander.

Shawl measures approximately 20" x 75".

RED HEART® "Light & Lofty™", Art. E708 (6 ounce/140 yard solid color skein; 4.5 ounce/105 yard multi color skein): 19 Ounces No. 9937 Red Grape Multi or No. 9376 Wine.

Circular Knitting Needle: 12.75mm [US 17] - 36".

Yarn needle; 11 stitch markers (optional).

GAUGE: 10 sts = 4"; 9 rows = 4" in pattern. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needle to obtain the gauge.

Cast on 2, place marker on needle, * cast on 18, place marker on needle; repeat from * 9 more times and all 11 markers are in place, cast on 2 - 184 sts.

Row 1 (Right Side): K2, * slip marker, [K2tog] 3 times, [yo, K1] 6 times, [K2tog] 3 times; repeat from * to last 2 sts; K2.

Row 2: Knit.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until approximately 19" from beginning, end by working Row 1.

Bind off loosely. Weave in ends on the wrong side of the fabric.

Hints & Tips

Stitch markers placed on the needle between stitches can be helpful tools in keeping the design repeats separated and the stitch count correct. Certainly the use of the markers is optional.

The stitch count remains the same on each row because the number of increases (yo – yarn over) is the same as the number of decreases (K2tog).

Slip the markers purlwise on each row.

After working the first 2 rows, tie a short length of a contrast color yarn to mark the right side of the fabric.

ABBREVIATIONS: K = knit; P = purl; st(s) = stitch (es); tog = together; * or ** = repeat whatever follows the * or ** as indicated; [ ] = repeat the directions in brackets the number of times specified.

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