Knitted Scarf LM0115

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Skill Level: Beginner

Scarf measures approximately 7" wide x 50" long.

MODA DEA™ "Espree", Art. R105 (1.75 ounce/89 yard ball): 3 Balls No. 2353 Majesty.

Knitting Needles: 15mm [US 19]. Yarn needle.

GAUGE: 9 sts = 4"; 10 rows = 4" in Garter st (Knit every row) with triple strand. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needles to obtain the gauge.


Holding 3 strands of yarn together as one, cast on 15 sts loosely.

Knit every row, marking the first row as the right side, until piece measures approximately 50" from beginning. Bind off loosely.

Weave in ends.

ABBREVIATIONS: K = knit; mm = millimeters; st(s) = stitch(es).

Tips & Hints

Garter Stitch is a reversible fabric, meaning that both sides look exactly the same. Although that is true, it is wise to designate one side as the Right Side of the fabric so that all yarn ends will be woven in on the wrong side of the fabric.

A purchased stitch marker can be used for marking the right side of the fabric, or a short length of a contrast color yarn tied loosely through a stitch will work just as well. Remove the marker after all ends are woven in.

Leave a 6” yarn end before casting on stitches and after binding off.

Use the yarn needle to weave these ends in neatly on the wrong side of the fabric in a zig-zag pattern for a few inches, and then trim off excess.

A Yarn Needle is a blunt-tipped needle with a large eye that will accommodate many different sizes of yarn.

To thread yarn into the needle: fold the yarn end over the eye section of the needle and squeeze it lightly between 2 fingers; withdraw the needle from your fingers, push the open side of the eye down over the yearn that is still squeezed between your fingers – the yarn should slip easily into the eye.

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