Knitted Scarf and Bag LM0118

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Skill Level: Easy

Bag measures approximately 14" wide x 13" high, without straps. Scarf measures approximately 5" wide x 55" long.

TLC® "Essentials®", Art. E514 (6 ounce/326 yard solid color, 4.5 ounce/255 yard multi-color skein): 1 Skein No. 2112 Black CA for bag, and 2 skeins No. 2112 Black CA for scarf.

MODA DEA™ "Tiara", Art. R110 (1.76 ounce/46 yard ball): 1 Ball No. 4992 Deep Purple CB for bag, and 1 ball No. 4992 Deep Purple CB for scarf.

Knitting Needles: 4mm [US 6] and 4.5mm [US 7] for bag; 6.5mm [US 10.5] and 9mm [US 13] for scarf.
Crochet Hook: 4mm [US G-6].
Yarn needle; 6 pony beads (optional); cardboard for bottom of bag.

GAUGES: 19 sts = 4"; 24 rows = 4" in St st with CA and size 4.5mm [US 7] needles for bag. 18 sts = 4"; 18 rows = 4" in rib pat with 2 strands of CA and size 6.5mm [US 10.5] needles for scarf. CHECK YOUR GAUGES. Use any size needles to obtain the gauges.

SPECIAL ABBREVIATION: M1 = Lift strand between the needles onto left needle by inserting left needle tip under the strand from front to back. Knit the lifted strand through the back loop.


With CA and smaller needles, cast on 84 sts. P 1 row.

Row 1 (Right Side): [K1, M1] twice, K38, [M1, K1] twice, [K1, M1] twice, K38, [M1, K1] twice - 92 sts.

Rows 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10: P.

Row 3: [K2, M1, K1, M1, K40, M1, K1, M1, K2] twice - 100 sts.

Row 5: [K3, M1, K1, M1, K42, M1, K1, M1, K3] twice - 108 sts.

Row 7: [K4, M1, K1, M1, K44, M1, K1, M1, K4] twice - 116 sts.

Row 9: [K5, M1, K1, M1, K46, M1, K1, M1, K5] twice - 124 sts.

Row 11: [K6, M1, K1, M1, K48, M1, K1, M1, K6] twice - 132 sts.

Rows 12 and 13: P.

Change to larger needles and K 7 rows - 4 ridges formed. Work even in St st, beg K row, until 11" above last ridge, end P row. Join CB and P 1 row an Right Side, then K 1 row on Wrong Side. Rep the last 2 rows 3 more times. Cut CB. With CA, K 1 row, then P 1 row. Bind off.

STRAP: With CA and larger needles, cast on 22 sts. Work in St st, beg K row, for 2 rows, end P row. Dec 1 st each end of next 7 K rows - 8 sts. Work even in Garter st (knit every row) for 164 rows (82 Garter st ridges). Now inc 1 st each end of next 7 K rows - 22 sts. Bind off.

FINISHING: Sew side and bottom seams. Sew ends of strap to sides of bag.

Ties (Make 2): With 2 strands of CA held tog as one and crochet hook, ch 50. Fasten off. Sew a tie in the middle of the top edge of the front and back of bag. Thread 3 beads on the end of each tie, and make a double knot below the last bead on each tie to secure. Weave in ends.

Cut cardboard into oval shape slightly smaller than bottom of bag, and place in bottom of bag.


With 2 strands of CA held tog and smaller needles, cast on 22 sts. Work in ribbing as follows:

Row 1 (Right Side): K2, * P2, K2: rep from * across.

Row 2: P2, * K2, P2; rep from * across.

Rep Rows 1 and 2 for 48". Bind off in ribbing

With 2 strands of CB held tog as one and larger needles, pick up and knit 13 sts evenly spaced across cast-on edge. K every row for 3 ½". Bind off. Rep for bind-off edge of scarf.

Weave in ends.

Bag designed by Deborah Hedges.

ABBREVIATIONS: beg = begin(ning); CA, CB = Colors A and B; ch = chain; dec = decrease; inc = increase; K = knit; mm = millimeters; pat = pattern; P = purl; rem = remain(s); rep = repeat; sl = slip; st(s) = stitch(es); St st = Stockinette stitch (K 1 row, P 1 row); tog = together; * = rep whatever follows the * as indicated.

Pattern © by Coats & Clark Inc. Reproduced with permission from Coats & Clark Inc. is not endorsed by Coats & Clark Inc. It is not permissible to contract production of projects made from designs published by Coats & Clark to a third party for sale or distribution.

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