Bird Lore Puzzle Jingle

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We strolled out through the countryside
(Quietly, on the sly),
To see how many kinds of birds,
We could identify.

We met one with a bright red breast
A-hoppin' and a-bobbin',
When we got close enough to see,
We knew it was a _ _ _ _ _.

We saw and heard a big black bird
Say "caw, caw, caw," and oh,
When we were still a long way off,
We knew it was a - _ _ _.

We heard another make a fuss,
Before it flew away.
We looked and were surprised to see
It was a bright blue _ _ _.

Then just before returning home,
On our way through a dale,
We heard a Bob White say his name,
The well-known call of _ _ _ _ _.

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robin, crow, jay, quail Hide