Halloween Party Game

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Complete Game board

This game may be played by two people. Each player needs a small button to use as a token. Place tokens at the home base, where it says "Start and Finish." The first player then holds a third button about four inches above the Number Wheel and lets the button drop to find out how many spaces he may go for his first move. If the button falls on a number 1 area, the player movers his token one space; if the button falls on a 2 area, he moves two spaces, and so forth. When the button falls between two areas, the player uses the area containing more than half the button. If the button falls outside the Wheel, the player loses that turn.

Some of the spaces in the game are marked with special directions for going back or for going farther forward. Whenever a player lands on one of these places he must follow the special instructions. When a player lands on a space that is already occupied by his opponent, the token-button that was there first must be moved back two spaces. If the player who is moving back lands on a space where there are special instructions, he follows the directions found on that space the same as he would in a forward move. The winner of this game is the player who first gets his button around to the Halloween party and back into Home.