A Trip Into Space

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Before you begin to play this game, make a spin-wheel and rocket-spinner as illustrated. Back them with cardboard. Then color. Atttach rocket to wheel with a straight pin. Then get some paper and pencils.

Now you are ready to play. The first player spins the rocket; and if the nose lands on 1, he draws a space suit on his paper and spins again. (If nose lands on a line, player must spin again.) If he spins a 2, then he adds a helmet to his drawing.

Each player must spin 1 and 2 in order. Other clothing can be added as player spins correct numbers. The mittens and boots are added one at a time.

After completing the outfit, a player tries for the 6. When he spins it, he can draw a face inside his helmet. Now he is ready for a trip into space. And he has a won the game!