True History of Halloween

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When you think of Halloween, what springs to mind? For most of us, Halloween night is a time of fun and frolic for both young and old alike.

People of all ages come out and dress up in unique costumes as whoever, or, whatever they desire one night of the year. A chance to step outside of ourselves. A moment to forget about the everyday grind stresses that await the morning after. It is a time for smiles, treats, and often time tricks or pranks all in the spirit of good natured fun.

Halloween Carving PumpkinsFor others amongst us, Halloween may be considered an evil, outlandish ritual that should never be participated in being avoided at all costs. Or a terrifying night when spirits of the dead come back to haunt us. A dark time for horrifying deeds that lead to no good.

But what do we truly know about the ancient traditions that sparked our modern Halloween celebrations?

Are they spawned from tainted, sinister places in the past?

Or could they have been created and intended for something else entirely?

The Ancient Roots of Halloween
Bringing Halloween to America
Early Halloween Celebration Customs
Today's Halloween Customs

Halloween has come a long way from where it began many years ago. Whether you love it or despise it, Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday celebrated across America today. And it looks like this ancient tradition isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

After reading where our version of Halloween stemmed from, you should have a much clearer understanding of what it's all about. And that, while some people still consider this to be an evil and fearsome holiday, it really all comes down to having a little bit of fun.

People love stepping away from reality and hum drum life to become someone else. Halloween gives us the opportunity to do this. Even if it is only once a year.