Halloween Painted Rocks

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halloween painted rocks

If you are looking for some inexpensive, easy crafts for your kids this Halloween, head out to your backyard to start the fun. Have the kids hunt around for different shaped rocks. Long, slender rocks for ghosts, oval shapes for spiders, and just about any stout rock will make a great pumpkin!


  • stout, roundish rock
  • orange tempura paint
  • black marker
  • small amount of raffia
  • 3-4 silk leaves
  • tacky or hot glue
  • 3/4" piece of green chenille stick
  • bits of Kleenex tissue

The texture of the rock for the pumpkin can be smooth, bumpy, or even jagged. Before you begin, stand the rock up in the position you would like it to be when your craft is complete.

Paint the rock orange and let it dry. Using a black marker, draw on pumpkin's face. Glue silk leaves to the bottom of your pumpkin. Using bits of Kleenex for leveling and bunches of raffia, glue rock onto "straw bed". Top off your pumpkin rock with green chenille for the stem by folding in half and gluing on top of pumpkin's head.


  • long, slender rock
  • white tempura paint
  • black marker
  • handful of cotton batting
  • tacky or hot glue
  • white glitter glue

Paint rock white and let dry. Draw face onto ghost with black marker. Glue cotton batting to the bottom of the rock to give the appearance of a ghostly trail following him. Smear white glitter glue down the sides of the ghost.


  • oval rock
  • black tempura paint
  • pair of wiggle eyes
  • 6-8 12"-long black chenille sticks
  • red glitter glue
  • small piece of paper plate or white paper
  • scissors
  • tacky or hot glue

Paint rock black and let dry. Wrap chenille sticks around body to secure legs in place. Bend sticks to form legs. Glue chenille sticks in place on the bottom of the rock. Glue on two wiggle eyes. Cut little fangs from paper plate or paper and, using red glitter glue, glue onto rock-face, underneath wiggle eyes. use red glitter glue to create a few drops of blood on fangs and paint around mouth to finish up.