Jack’s Ghostly Visitors Quilt CS0022

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Jack’s Ghostly Visitors have a secret that will delight the kids! When the lights go out, the ghosts and pumpkin’s face glow in the dark because they are sewn with Coats Glow in the Dark thread.

Skill Level: Easy

Designed by Elizabeth Hill


Dual Duty Plus® All-purpose thread, to match fabrics
Coats Glow in the Dark thread, 001 white, 72A yellow
Black fabric- ¾ yard
Orange fabric-1/3 yard
Yellow and green- fabric scraps
Quilter’s fleece 21” x 24
Extra-wide double-fold bias tape,1 package, black
Paper backed fusible transfer web,1/3 yard
Stabilizer, 1/3 yard
Bone rings, (1/2”) 2

Quilt Size: 17” x 20”

Cutting Instructions

1. Black Fabric: Cut a 13 ½” x 16 ½” rectangle for appliqué background.

Cut 21” x 24” for quilt backing.

2. Orange Fabric: Cut two strips each: 2 ½” x 13 ½ ” and 2 ½” x 20 ½”

3. Stabilizer: 12” x 16”

4. Quilter’s fleece: 21” x 24”

Appliqué Instructions

1. Prepare pattern for full-size pumpkin shapes, stem and ghost shapes using patterns given. Trace shapes onto the paper side of the fusible transfer web, reversing stem and ghost shapes when tracing; cut out shapes, leaving a margin around each one.

2. Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse shapes to the wrong side of fabrics using the finished wallhanging as a guide for colors. Trim along tracing lines and remove paper backing from all shapes.

3. Center the pumpkin fabric shape 1 ½” from bottom edge of background piece. Place stem piece under pumpkin at top edge referring to photo for placement. Place large ghost on the left side of pumpkin. Again refer to photo for placement. Fuse shapes in place according to manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Refer to photo for pumpkin face parts; fuse in place. Fuse small ghost to the background fabric to the right of the pumpkin.

5. Place stabilizer under design area, pin to secure. Set machine for a medium-width satin stitch (length between 0 and 1 mm, width 2-3 mm). Using Glow in the Dark thread to match pumpkin face parts and ghost fabrics, satin stitch around each shape

6. Thread machine with Dual Duty All-Purpose thread to match pumpkin and stem fabrics. Appliqué in place with a medium satin stitch.

7. For ghost features select an oval shaped decorative stitch. Refer to pattern for feature placement. If your machine does not have a desirable decorative stitch, use a graduated satin stitch in black thread for the features. When satin stitching is complete, remove fabric stabilizer.

Sewing Instructions

1. Sew the 2 ½” x 13 ½” orange strips to the top and bottom of background fabric. Press seams towards strips.

2. Sew the 2 ½” x 20 ½” orange strips to opposite sides of the background rectangle. Press seams toward strips. Trim if necessary.

3. Sandwich quilter’s fleece between completed top and prepared backing, pin or baste to hold.

4. Using black thread, machine quilt 1/4” from edge of the pumpkin and each ghost figure. Stitch in the ditch of seams between center and border strips

5. Machine- baste ¼” from the edge around the out edges of the quilt top through all layers.

6. Trim backing and quilter’s fleece even with the quilted top.

7. Bind the edges of the quilt with black extra-wide, double-fold bias tape, mitering corners and overlapping ends; turn binding to the backside. Hand or machine-stitch in place.

8. Sew a ½” bone ring to each of the top corners for hanging.

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