Gentleman Ghost

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This adorable and inviting ghost can be made in less than an hour. Simple items from around your house and a few inexpensive craft supplies and you'll be on your way to making this dapper ghoul.

Materials needed are:

  • 24" x 30" section of white sheet
  • 24" square of white sheet
  • white tube sock (not over the calf-too long)
  • 3 buttons
  • Fiberfill
  • black marker
  • several long strands of raffia
  • 36" length of red polka-dotted ribbon
  • 3-12" long chenille sticks, any color
  • black film canister
  • black craft paint
  • thin cardboard (from shirt package or cereal box)
  • small silk flower (no bigger than a quarter)
  • powder blush
  • tacky or hot glue
  • scissors

Start by stuffing the sock with fiberfill to make head and body. Tie off bottom of sock with one of the chenille sticks. Determine the size you would like the ghost's head to be, and then wrap a chenille stick tightly around neck to create head. Using the last chenille stick, thread stick through neck stick, twist to tighten, create a loop, then tuck the ends both in and twist off. You should have a loop to hang your ghost with when through.

Using the black marker, draw on facial features (we used a dry erase marker), then carefully brush on some powder blush for cheeks.

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut slits all around the fabric square to create a fringe appearance. Cut a 2" x 1/2" oval in the center of both the square and rectangle fabric pieces for head to slip through.

First, put red polka-dotted ribbon together with raffia strands. Place rectangular piece of fabric over ghost's head first, then layer the square piece of fabric over the top of the rectangle.
For the collar, lift 1" of the fabric up around the ghost's face and then tie with raffia/ribbon bow around both layers. Trim bow strings if you wish.

Glue buttons onto the front of the ghost's outfit. Cut a circle out of thin cardboard, about 3/4" in diameter larger than the diameter of the film canister, to create the brim of the top hat. Paint brim black, let dry. Glue film canister onto brim, let dry. Glue silk flower onto brim of hat, let dry. Once hat is dry, glue it onto the ghost's head.

Hang in hallway, entranceway, over the fireplace or on the front door.