Footprint Ghost

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This is a great craft for any age child and takes precious little resources to make.  Not only will you have a permanent reminder of the size of your child’s foot, but you will also get a great Halloween decoration that is easy to make and fun to display.

All you need for this ghost is black construction paper, white (washable) paint, and a black marker.  Take a paper plate or a plastic container lid that is big enough to fit your child’s foot in.  Pour in the white paint, and have them step into the paint.  Obviously, you will want to put down some newspaper first to protect your floor!

Then, have them stepped firmly onto the black construction paper.  Press their foot down so that all of the foot is firmly planted on the paper.  Then, you will need to let the paint dry completely.  Use a black marker to draw on a face to your ghost where the heel print is.

If you like, you can have your child cut the ghost out into an oval, punch a hole in the top and hang it somewhere.  Otherwise, just display at your discretion!