Family Halloween Costumes

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Grownups enjoy Halloween just as much as the kids, sometimes more. It can be fun to dress up as a family, either for trick or treating or to go to a party. There are many possibilities for coordinating costumes for mom and dad. Some ideas can easily coordinate to the kids’ costumes, but they don’t have to. It can be a family affair or mom and dad can go to their own grown up party while the kids are with a sitter.

King and Queen – Make cardboard crowns and cover with foil. The dad can wear simple black pants, a white shirt and a plain colored cape. A simple long dress works for the queen. Decorate them with some fancy ribbons and trim and you have a regal outfit. Metallic belts will also help set off the outfits. The kids can be dressed as young royals to fit the theme.

Tarzan and Jane – If you are brave enough (and if it’s warm enough), some animal print fabric or clothing can make a quick costume. You can dress the kids up as jungle animals and have a wild time trick or treating. If it’s cold out, you could wear flesh toned clothing underneath the animal prints.

Adam and Eve – Wear all white or tan clothing and attach paper or fabric leaves in the appropriate locations and you have a simple costume that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Frankenstein’s Monster and His Bride – A favorite Halloween pair is Frankenstein’s monster and his bride. Some make up, the right clothes and a wig and you have a classic costume set for both of you.

Wizard and Witch – Some black clothes, hats, wigs, the appropriate jewelry and other accessories, will result in a simple, yet fun costume for a wizard and witch duo. They can be as cartoony or as serious as you decide to make them.

Angel and Devil – Opposites can also be fun. Dressing in all white and all red, with the halo, wings, horns and pitchfork can be an amusing costume choice as well. It’s up to you to decide which costume fits whom better.

Prince Charming and Cinderella – Fairly tales and happily ever after also make great costume ideas. A fancy suit and dress and you’re both ready to go to the ball. The kids could be dressed as the mice.

Batman and Catwoman – Another good couple costume idea would be Batman and Catwoman. They are popular and easy to find costumes. Robin and Batgirl would popular for the kids as well.

Superman and Wonder Woman – Superheroes are always a popular costume idea and Superman and Wonder Woman make a good pairing.

Beauty and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast has long been a popular story and can be brought to life pretty simply. Beast needs a nice suit and an animal mask of some sort and Beauty can dress in her finest gown and jewelry.

Wizard of Oz – Pick any of your two favorite characters from the Wizard of Oz and you have great costumes. The kids can either be the other main characters or munchkins, leaving lots of room for colorful costumes.