Insulated Can Wraps CS0025

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insulated can wraps

Keep your favorite beverage cold and show your team spirit with these insulated can wraps. Embroider with names or team cheers.

Coats Dual Duty XP All-purpose thread
Coats Polyester Embroidery thread
Cotton or cotton blend fabric: 1 yard will make 6
Insulating batting: ? yard (We used Insul-bright)
Hook & Loop fastener tape: ½ yard

Optional: Mark cutting lines for wrap on fabric, but do not cut out. Embroider names or school letters on fabric using alphabet stitch pattern, free-motion or computerized embroidery unit.

Cut fabric pieces 12½” x 10". Cut batting into 11 x 4" pieces. Cut a 3 piece of hook and loop tape.

Press one long edge of fabric under ½”.

Wrap fabric around foam overlapping folded edge over the raw edge of fabric in the center of the batting. Short ends of fabric should extend 1" beyond the foam. (1)

Lengthen stitch to 8-10 stitches per inch. Topstitch next to fold. Stitch again ¼" from fold. (1)

insulated can wraps
Illustration 1

With the seam side up, fold one end of fabric over ½”. Cover with loop side of tape. Stitch in place. Stitch again to secure. (2)

insulated can wraps
Illustration 2

Turn wrap over. Fold end over ½”. Cover with hook side of tape. (The hook tape and loop tape should be on opposite sides of the wrap.) Stitch tape in place. Stitch again to secure.

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