Irish Coffee Recipe

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If you start your day with a cup of coffee, then you have to try an Irish coffee. Made from black coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipping cream it’s a drink that is sure to kick start your St. Patrick’s day celebration – or any day of the year.

Traditional Irish coffee uses a cream that has not been whipped, but we like our coffee with a little fluff so we gave our cream a light whipping. In addition, we chose to use Bailey’s Irish cream with caramel instead of traditional whiskey to give it an added punch.

I have to say at first, I was unsure about the brown sugar – especially with using the caramel flavored whiskey - but it gives the coffee a surprisingly great flavor.

No matter what whiskey you choose, this is one drink that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


3 oz. Irish whiskey (or Bailey's Original Irish cream)
2 tsp. brown sugar
12 oz. hot coffee
1/2 cup heavy cream (lightly whipped - optional)


Start by making your coffee as you normally would.

While that is brewing, in a small bowl, lightly whip the heavy whipping cream. Once lightly whipped, put it in the refrigerator to keep cold.

Next, add one level teaspoon of brown sugar to each coffee cup.

Pour in enough coffee to fill the cup about 2/3 full.

Divide the whiskey into 2 parts adding 1 part to each cup and stir to mix.

Carefully float cold cream on top. Do not mix! Cream should stay at the top and you drink the coffee through it.