Frozen Ice Ring Decoration

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What You Need:

  • 2 qt ring mold
  • 4 maraschino cherries, quartered to make 16 pieces
  • 16 orange sections
  • 16 lemon peel strips
  • 16 lime peel strips

How to Make It:

  1. Place the mold in the freezer for about 1 hour to chill.
  2. Remove mold and rinse in cold water.
  3. Do not wipe dry.
  4. Place mold back in the freezer until a thin coating of frost appears inside the mold.
  5. In each mold section arrange a piece of each of the fruits.
  6. Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the mold.
  7. Be careful not to add too much water or the fruit will float to the top.
  8. Place in freezer until ice sets.
  9. Remove and add just enough water to cover the fruit.
  10. Return to the freezer until set.
  11. Remove and fill with water to the top of the mold.
  12. Return to the freezer and allow the mold to freeze into an ice block.
  13. When ready to use run cold water over the mold to release the ring.
  14. Place the ring into a punch bowl for decoration.
  15. You can use just about anything you would like, such as plastic flowers, vegetables etc. to decorate this ring.