Sad & Glad Pillows

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Size 12½" Square

2 Sapphire
2 Daffodil
1 Carnation
1 Aluminum Crochet Hook size "G"
2 - 12½" square foam pillows (white)
1 yd. sapphire blue cotton 36" fabric
1 yd. daffodil yellow cotton 36" fabric
Matching sewing thread

GAUGE: 3½ st = 1"

In daffodil work center circle same as instructions for first 7 rows of baby pillow.
Row 8: Work 1 HDC in every eighth st ending with 80 st on this row, join to first st. Fasten and break thread.
Row 9: In carnation, join thread and sc in each stitch (80 st) join with sl st, ch 1.
Row 10: Work 1 sc in next 10 sc * (1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc) in next st — 1 sc in next 19 st, repeat from * around ending with 1 sc in last 9 sc, join with sl st to first ch 1 made. This row makes the four corners to square off the pillow — sl 1, ch 1.
Row 11: 2 sc, 2 HDC, 3 DC, 2 TRC, and in ch 2 of corner, work * (2TR, ch 2, 2 TR) 2 TR, 3 DC, 2 HDC, 6 sc, 2 HDC, 3 DC, 2 TR repeat from * twice more and after third corner group work 2 TR, 3 DC, 2 HDC, 4 sc, join in first ch 1 made, slip 2 st, ch 2.
Row 12: Work 1 HDC in each st around always working (2HDC, ch 2, 2HDC) in each corner ch 2 space, slip to join, ch 2.
Row 13: Same as Row 12 — sl to first st to join. Fasten and break thread.
Row 14,15: Join sapphire blue and work 1 HDC in each st working (2HDC, ch 2, 2 HDC) in corner st ch 2.
Row 16: Work 2 rows 1 DC in each st.
Row 17: With (2DC, ch 2, 2DC) in each corner ch 2 space. Fasten and break thread.

Worked same as front except done entirely in sapphire blue.

In sapphire blue, using double thread, make a ch of 15 st leaving a long end at beginning and end. Sew onto yellow center as on picture for glad smile. For eyes, using double thread, sc chain long enough to make a 1" long oval by ¾" wide for each eye and sew on center of pillow above mouth as in picture.

Row 1: In Carnation: on first row of carnation sc center and working from front to back and through to front again, sc in every st around, sl to first st, fasten and break thread.
Row 2: In Daffodil: join color: ch 1 and sc in each carnation stitch in­creasing 1 st in app. every fifth st, sl to first st, fasten and break thread.
Join in sapphire, both sides of pillows in same manner as baby pillows except to work 3 sc in each corner stitch, slip to first st — ch 1, sc in each st around again, working 3 sc in each corner st, slip to first st, * ch 3, skip 2 st, sc in next st, skip 2, repeat from * around, working 2 loops of ch 3 in each corner st, slip to first st to join, fasten and break thread.

Using 4 sets of 6 strands of yellow yarn cut 30" long, lace through loops of each side. Tie through double loops at each corner making a double bow, tack to fasten, knot ends.
Reverse 2 colors in center of front of pillow to make sad pillow — when sewing mouth on sad pillow shape mouth down instead of up.
Line pillows in matching colored fabric, if desired, before putting between crocheted sides.