Oil Truck

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A toy fuel-oil truck can be made from a salt box. First paint the word "oil" on a piece of heavy paper, then cover the box with this paper. Be sure that the spout of the salt box is at the lower edge of the back end. The driver's cab, which is glued to the front of the truck, is made by bending a strip of cardboard and then adding a steering wheel that's made with a small nail and a card­board circle. The wheels of the truck are cardboard circles on which colored tires have been painted. Slits are made in the wheels, at the center, so that cardboard axles can be slipped through them; the axles are then taped to the underside of the truck as shown.

The oil hose for this outfit is a piece of heavy twine; one end of it is glued to the inside of the open spout, and a screw eye is tied to the other end for a pretend nozzle. When this hose is not in use it is tucked inside the truck and the spout is closed.