Mask Ideas

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A false nose can be made by rolling paper into a cone shape, then fastening it with Scotch tape and trimming the open edge so that the cone is even around the bottom. If you wear this nose just by itself, the sides should be reinforced with gummed tape before holes are punched in for the strings. Another hole may be punched in each side of the "nose" to make breathing easier.

Jolly masks for Halloween, or just for dress-up play, may be made from paper plates. You can easily decorate your masks to be a clown, a baby doll or a witch doctor.

Tips to make the masks pictured above:

Mask #1: part of the frilled edge of the paper plate makes the cap.

Mask #2: bits of this edge serve as beard and hair. The nose is a cone of paper, made as described above, then put through a hole in the paper plate and fastened with gummed tape.

Mask #3: use two frilled pieces for eyelashes; these are put on with Scotch tape.

Let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless!