Doll Chairs: Chaise Lounge and Rocker

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The first of these doll chairs is a chaise lounge that can be used for a small doll. This piece of furniture is made from corrugated cardboard and two pipe cleaners. Cut the cardboard in a strip that is a little shorter than the pipe cleaners, then place the pipe cleaners on the smooth side of the card­board, as shown, allowing the ends to stick out about an inch on one end and about two inches at the other end. Fasten the pipe cleaners in this position, using Scotch tape or glue. Now bend the pipe cleaners so that card­board takes the chaise-lounge shape.

The second chair is for paper dolls. The rockers are made by cutting off two envelope corners as shown. The seat of the chair is a circle of paper; it can be made by tracing around a cup. When this circle is cut out, fold it across the middle, then cut two slits so that the rockers may be slipped into place.